This isn't to say there will be not be any future jokes about the acting capabilities of Dane Cook. However, when you can't act your way out of a paper bag, you shouldn't exactly throw stones. It's easy to sit on the sidelines and Nelson Muntz point and laugh. Yet, remembering lines and trying to get it right is a LOT harder than you think.

Even in our Bee List Movies sketch where I have just a few scant lines, it's a total blank. It's possible by watching more movies, or actually rehearsing the pieces, things might flow smoother.

We're acting out lines from these iconic movies for a Kenny Chesney giveaway, and man, don't I choke on a simple two line run...multiple times. How REAL actors are able to remember cues and lines for entire scenes at a time is pretty cool. You only understand the work put in when you continually biff your own parts. Some great scenes are improvised, I always chalked it up to they had a better place to take the character. Could it be they simply forgot the lines? My sanity hopes so.


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