Anyone that knows me knows I am obsessed with pizza. Not just any pizza but, N.Y. Slice Pizza. My search for the perfect N.Y. Slice here in Maine has taken me all over the state and has been going on for years.

Recently I decided to take matters into my own hands. I have made pizza at home for a long time, many different styles, many different doughs, many sauces, and many cheeses. However it is my drive for that elusive N.Y. Slice that kept me up at night....until now.

I decided if I want the real deal, I'll do it myself. Yes, I have outdoor pizza oven that can reach close to 800 degrees which is fine for doing Neo pies, and I have a nice stone in the oven for general American style but what I really needed was a commercial deck oven.

So I bought one.

pizza 1

Few tweaks from the electrician, another stainless steel table, and I can't remember the last time I've been so giddy. Set-up was a breeze. Seasoning of the deck and overall oven was taken care of in under four hours.

pizza 2

I made sure this table was on casters so I could move it around the kitchen for better entertaining. I am hopeful to be able to bust out one 18" pie every 6 mins. The best thing for me is being able to control the process much better, from the oven heat to the commercial grade ingredients. All systems go!

pizza 3

Time for a inaugural run. Let's start with All Trumps bromated flour, Full Red and 7/11 tomatoes, and Grande East Coast blend cheese. All standard commercial grade for my perfect NY Slice.

pizza 4

For this first go, I didn't want to wait for the full cold ferment Im going to be using for my NY Slice Pies so I just used a general dough, some fresh prepared sauce and a little commercial mozzarellas/mild cheddar mix cheese I had on hand (part of another pizza experiment I'm embarking on...New England Greek House of Pizza Style)

pizza 5

No Complaints on this first run, the results were wonderful. Can't wait to work out the nueances of my new toy and start turning out...that perfect Ny Slice Ive been on the hunt for ...and more.

Happy eats my friends.

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