It's true unemployment is at a record low...but are all those openings paying a decent wage? Well, if you are a truck driver and willing to work for could be worth about $90,000.00 a year!

According to a press release issued by the company... Walmart is hoping to hire over 900 new truck drivers this year and raise their wages to almost $90,000 a year. So starting next month, truck drivers will get a per-mile hike of one cent and an extra $1 each time they drop a trailer at a destination. That will bring the average pay for drivers to $87,500 a year. They also said drivers can expect  better, more predictable schedules,  and at least 21 days of paid time off and maybe even quarterly bonuses.

Walmart does requires job candidates to have at least 30 months of full-time commercial driving experience with no serious traffic violations in the past 3 years. If this sounds like you...CLICK HERE to see current openings.