Did you know that it's actually against the law for a child to run a lemonade stand in their yard? Yes, I'm serious; this is really a law. In Maine, it is illegal for anyone under 18 to sell lemonade without a proper license.

Growing up, it seemed like a typical warm-weather weekend, included things like playing at the park, spending time with family, or hopping in the car to find all the yard sales we could. Not only would "one man's trash becomes another man's treasure" while finding the goods, but there was also always likely a child set up with a table selling lemonade.

It might be illegal for the time being, but that could all change, and if all goes well, kids can get back to their entrepreneur ways and start earning a little extra cash again. According to WGME, Augusta Rep. Justin Fectea, (R), and several other Maine Representatives, are working on a bill to change this law.

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