Beetlejuice.. Beetlejuice.. Ok, I won't say it three times, just to be safe!

According to NECN, this historic Hollywood cult classic is getting more notoriety ever since a non profit now plans to turn one of the famous buildings from the movie, Beetlejuice into a community center.

If you haven't seen this trend setting movie, check out a click from YouTube, below!

This school house, located at 778 Village Road in East Corinth Vermont was used as the "All Girls School" in the hit film, Beetlejuice and now Vermont one woman, has big plans.

Kendall Gendron's New Non-profit, "Miss Shannon's School House" wants make something old and historic into something that is good for her Northern New England Community. So her non-profit bought this building and the plan is for the building to house a safe place for community events

She wants to, "breath a whole new perspective into it."

This once famous building that sits in the very small town of East Corinth, will now be helping the community thrive.

Kendall wants to transform the landmark into a place for concerts, theatre performances and wedding and more! Additionally, once it is finished she wants to have a Beetle Juice Film Festival to bring in more attention from tourists all around the nation!

She is hoping to be finished the million dollar updates and renovations by 2025/2026, according to the article. 

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