Even though Maine is lucky to have a variety of grocery store chains, there is no doubt that one of the most popular is Hannaford.

The chain, which got its start as Hannaford Brothers in Portland in 1883, now has over 180 locations.  Most of these stores are in New England, with 68 being located in Maine.

It looks like we will soon be getting even more Hannaford stores.

According to an article in the Bangor Daily News, two Aroostook County stores will soon make the transition to Hannaford.

The Paradis Shop ‘n Save locations in Fort Kent and Madawaska will close for several days next month.  During that time, the stores will officially transition to the Hannaford brand.

Both stores will close at 2 PM on Monday, April 8.  The stores will reopen at 7 AM on Friday, April 12.

When Paradis Shop ‘n Save company president Denis Paradis was asked about his reasoning for selling the stores to Hannaford, he explained that he felt the move would be good for the residents of the region.

The transition is expected to be eased by the fact that the stores already get food items from Hannaford.

Google Maps
Google Maps

The Paradis family has owned grocery stores for nearly 80 years.  The article explains that Louis Paradis opened a grocery store in Fort Kent in 1948.  A store in Madawaska came later.

Once the sale is complete, the Paradis family will no longer be involved in the operation of the stores.

We wish Hannaford all the best with these new stores.

Find a map showing the location of every Hannaford store HERE.

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