The Outpost is a new movie starring Orlando Bloom as Shapleigh, Maine native, Army Captain Benjamin Keating. The Outpost based on the 2012 non-fiction book called The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor by Jake Tapper that takes place during the Afghanistan war Battle of Kamdesh.

According to News Center Maine, almost 14 years ago, Army Captain Benjamin Keating did the selfless act and volunteered to take a loaded supply truck along a horrendous road with a 200-foot cliff to be discreet and avoid an ambush. Keating made the trek at night, which sadly ended in the truck falling off the cliff, killing him.

Ken and Beth Keating, the parents of Army Captain Benjamin Keating's, said the Outpost was named "Combat Outpost Keating' in their son's honor. Unfortunately, though, just a few short years later, Taliban fighters ambushed the post, taking the lives of 8 more American Soldiers.


Here is what the Keating's had to say about The Outpost movie.


If you would like to watch the official movie trailer for The Outpost, I linked it below, but I suggest you get out a box of tissues.

There are so many brave men and women out there fighting every day for our freedom; some even paid the ultimate sacrifice.  No amount of words could ever show my genuine appreciation and thankfulness. But I'll say it anyway.


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