According to, Erskine Hall in Hallowell will now house incoming University Maine of Augusta students. The building located at Stevens Commins in Hallowell just finished an 11-month renovation that came with a price tag of 4 million.

Erskine Hall was initially built in 1897 and was the home to the Maine Industrial School for Girls, which is no longer open. The building had been vacant for close to 40 years, making renovations and federal standards a bit challenging to achieve, but they did it.

During a typical year, between Stevens and Erskine Halls, they would house 82 students. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic and CDC guidelines this year, only 52 students will be housed between the two halls. Each suite in Erskine Hall houses a bathroom, a kitchen, and individual bedrooms for each student.

For the health and safety of all students and staff, before arrival on campus, all UMA students are required to take the COVID-19 test.




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