I just want to thank my amazing husband for always being my rock when life is tough. This week started strong, but went downhill fast... Kinda' like the rest of 2020.

Monday was great!  Tuesday was mediocre. On Wednesday we, along with thousands of other Central Mainers, lost power.  Sadly, Thursday wasn't any better.

Let's dig a little deeper into Thursday though. I woke up at 2 am to the sounds of the generator running out of gas, but it made sense to let my husband sleep. I was capable of getting up and getting ready for the day by the light of a flashlight, no need for him to lose sleep.

I slept for a few more hours, got up, got ready, and hit the road. Fun fact- maybe I'm not capable of getting ready in the dark. I couldn't even find my glasses, which I need to see. Around 7:30 AM Stephen, AKA "Hubba", texted me to let me know, none of the food in our fridge or freezer was any longer good.

At some point, something technical happened *I don't know all the terms* and, the fridge shut off long before the generator ran out of gas. As soon as I got home, I got straight to cleaning out all the spoiled food, and then I wanted to deep clean both the fridge and freezer because, why not?

8 trash bags full of spoiled food in all, but let's be real it could be worse, so that's all I kept telling myself. Just keep swimming, right?

Around 2:45 pm on Thursday, the power kicked back on, and having power meant I could now start washing the dirty clothes pile staring me down in the hallway. I loaded the washer up, added laundry detergent, and hit start. Nope, you didn't think it was going to be that easy, did you?

I spent close to an hour trying to figure out why my washing machine wouldn't work or even turn on. Cue my anxiety. I panicked and let Hubba know the state of our washing machine, which didn't seem to be good. Stephen got home from work and at some point used his mechanical knowledge on the darn washing machine and bam it was working. Like what? Why didn't that work for me? I didn't bother waiting for an answer I was just thankful that I am blessed with a husband who wears many hats.

So, Thank you Stephen for being the husband that cooks, cleans, is the most amazing dad, always attempts to eat dinner even when I burn it, loves me unconditionally, supports me in anything I choose to do, and has the magic touch of anything mechanical. I couldn't live this life without you!


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