Okay, first off, I have to tell you, I'm so excited that we are finally starting to see businesses reopen after being closed for the past three-plus months. I understand it's for our safety. I'm the type of person that's always down for an adventure, so being in quarantine hasn't been easy.

July 1st  starts the third phase of reopening Maine, which will allow Spas, Bowling Alleys, Amusement Parks, Water Parks, Movie Theaters, and Performing Arts. On Wednesday, the Mills Administration released a Covid-19 prevention checklist that these businesses will be required to follow when opening day arrives.

Individual businesses that solely rely on tourists have decided to remain closed for the season, due to lack of tourists. Others are hurrying as fast as they can to make sure everything is ready for excitement. Just hearing that there was a chance amusement and waterparks could open if they so decided, made me wonder how many actually would.

I didn't have to wonder long. According to the Palace Playland Amusement Parks Facebook page, they are opening the arcade on July 1st! If you've never been Palace Playland is an amusement park and arcade located right off the ocean in Old Orchard Beach.



EXCITING NEWS: We are currently working towards a limited opening, starting with our Arcade on Wednesday July 1! We’ve...

Posted by Palace Playland Amusement Park on Thursday, June 25, 2020


Unfortunately, though, due to the many restrictions put in place, they are not opening the games or rides at this time. It does look like as soon as it is safe for them to do so, it will happen. But, for now, their number one concern is keeping their guests and employees safe.

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