Until I moved to the Midcoast, I can honestly say I had not been to or even considered spending vacation time in Acadia National Park. Now it is truly one of the places I love to visit and one of the "must see" places I recommend to anyone traveling to Maine. Truly a gem here in Maine.

If you haven't spent much time there, I'll give you a primer as there are several ways to see the park. You can drive the Park Loop Trail and be stunned by the stunning scenery and this is available without even leaving your car. You can drive up Cadillac Mountain, visit Thunder hole, have a popover at the Jordan teahouse, and drive past otter Cliff.

If you prefer a little bit more adventure, the carriage trails are the perfect option. You can hike, bike, or even take a horse on these trails but no ATVs or motorcycles. My favorite loop is Aunt Betty’s pond with Eagle Lake being a close second. Both of these options have some inclines but don't involve bicycling up a mountain. Along the trail you will see stunning vistas and maybe depending on when you go, a lovely inviting blueberry patch for a fresh quick snack.

Hiking is also an option in many spots through out Acadia National Park. If you’re thrill seeking, the Precipice and the Beehive trails have runs that help you scramble up the rocks. If you’re looking for an easier trail on the quiet side of the park, I recommend Flying Mountain. It overlooks Somes Sound and the trail is suitable for your dog. If you bring along your binoculars you may be able to catch a glimpse of the seals that like to frequent the sound.

If you are looking for a place to go that isn't too far away Acadia is truly a magical place. The options available are many and enjoyable.

Be safe & enjoy.

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