A recent post on the Lewiston Rocks Facebook Page, received a huge reaction by commenters.

According to Daniel Dube, a business owner in Lewiston, a portable restroom was installed directly outside of his business.

He posted on the Facebook Page saying,

Have to say, not very excited about the city having planted a porta-potty outside my office. Kennedy Park, corner of Pine and Bates. I assume it was the city, as there's no construction nearby.

Daniel Dube, Lewiston

Daniel's post about not being too thrilled about this addition, sparked some intense feelings. The post received over 140 comments. Some agreed with the porta potty saying that it will help the homeless and others agreed with Daniel. Some said that adding actually restrooms in an acceptable area would be a better idea. The reasoning is that if their is a portable toilet, people fear that vandalism or drug abuse could occur and the porta potty will be removed.

Daniel also told me that he received a threatening email. He said he did not realize the post would be so divisive, also adding,

One day, I'm across from a beautiful park, a monument, and city hall. The next day, I can give directions to my office: turn right at the porta-potty. There was no notice, sign, or explanation. On the one hand, I'm trying to run a business. On the other hand, there are people apparently in need of services. That said, I would have appreciated more notice or discussion, and more formal efforts made if services are to be provided. I made a simple observation to a local community forum, and I'm even opening my inbox to a vaguely threatening e-mail.

Daniel Dube, Business Owner

Public forums are meant to freely speak your opinion and it's not wrong to raise concerns and Daniel stands by having done so.

Other commenters added their opinions.

Kiernan Majerus-Collins, former Lewiston School Committee Member posted,

Lewiston needs a permanent public restroom in Downtown that's open 24/7, but the proposals to put it in Kennedy Park are off base. We need to preserve the park's green space for the use of the community as a whole. Instead, the city should build the restroom somewhere it won't cut into green space; part of the large and little-used parking lot next to the Greyhound Station and parking garage comes to mind.
Kiernan Majerus-Collins

There was an article posted by the Sun Journal back in February of 2021 stating that there was a need for portable toilets and they had, at one point, done this.

There has not been an official statement on this new addition to offer people a restroom in Kennedy Park as of right now.

What is your opinion? Are porta pottys a temporary fix or a permanent plan and is the placement agreed upon by you?

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