Getty Images, photo by NASA

It was a week late arriving at the International Space Station by Orbital Science Corp’s unmanned cargo ship, the Cygnus, docked with the Space Station. The ship should have docked last Sunday following its launch on September 18th but a navigation glitch kept it from docking.

 It was a software problem and once that was fixed the Cygnus was grabbed by the space station mechanical arm and was secured to the lab. The mission was being called a total success for commercial space companies going to space and the first for Orbutal.

 Orbital is one of two commercial space companies, the other is SpaceX, who delivered last year. This time around Orbital delivered a half ton of meals and special treats, like chocolate, to the astronauts aboard the space station.

 The next step will be for SpaceX who has been launching supply ships, they are working on a possible manned space launch to take U.S. astronauts to the space station so they won’t have to hitch a ride with the Russians.