Jackman-Moose River Fire & Rescue is seeking the public's help in locating a person who fled an accident scene this morning according to their Facebook page.

Jackman-Moose River Fire & Rescue
Jackman-Moose River Fire & Rescue

"At 0216 this morning, July 2nd, we were called to an accident on Long Pond Road. As you can see by the photo, the accident was very serious. We know the driver was injured (blood on an airbag and the side of the vehicle), but as of 0630 we still had not located the driver."


"There were wet shoe prints on the pavement headed away from the accident in the same direction where the person who reported the accident saw him walking. We checked miles of ditches in both directions looking to see if he collapsed and fell in to the ditch, we checked with family members living in the area, and we checked where he was staying, but we were not able to locate him."


"Although the accident did not knock out the power, CMP had to shut the power off so that the vehicle could be removed and that the pole could be replaced."

If you know of anyone in the Jackman-Moose River area that may have been involved in an accident. Please contact the Jackman-Moose River Fire & Rescue or the Somerset County Sheriff's Office Toll Free: 1-800-452-1933

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