During a typical year without a pandemic, I would judge the amount of Summertime left by how many agricultural fairs have come and gone. I would also judge just how close we were to fall by seeing Pumpkin Spice at Dunkin'. So, even though fairs aren't happening this year, Dunkin' hasn't let me down on just how close Fall is.

According to the Dunkin' Facebook page, Pumpkin Spice, everything is back. Pumpkin Spice coffee, hot or iced, and even some yummy Pumpkin-flavored donuts and muffins.



Whether you’re sipping, swirling or tasting – the Fall legend is back in class, starting 8/19. 🎃

Posted by Dunkin' on Wednesday, August 12, 2020


I'd like to say a huge thank you to Kelsey from Dunkin' for sending over a bunch of their delicious fall treats!

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