First things first, there's a 90% chance L L Bean owns Freeport, holy wow that place is big but beautiful. My parents visited from California this weekend and yesterday I took them to Freeport to see L L Bean, which was both, their first times there as well as my own. I had a thoroughly enjoyable time. We had lunch at Linda Bean and I had the most amazing clam chowder, we went into the main L L Bean store, and just got to spend time with each other.

You can see all the pics from our trip below.

My delicious clam chowder

Me with the fish

A fake mountain in L L Bean to replicate what the boots would feel like hiking

Model trains, very cool.

Me being photobombed by a moose and a bear

This is the most amazing woman ever, my momma, she's the best.

My dad, my role model.

An awesome hat to keep my ears warm.