It is to the point I can not talk without my mouth hurting. I am admitting defeat and going to a place I swore to myself I’d never go… I have to go to the dentist. Saturday morning I woke up to this insane pain in the back of my mouth to which I self diagnosed as one of my wisdom teeth coming in. I still have all 4. Today, hoping to alleviate some of the pain, I got some ointment to put on the pain area. While applying it I got some on my tongue and made part of my mouth go numb….

So the question is, why does a 25 year old man hate going to the dentist? It has nothing to do with them at all, it’s all on me. Anyone that tries to get a metal object near my mouth is considered a threat to me. I make a living on my ability to speak, and any possible hindrance to that is a fate worse than death. I would rather lose a limb than have anything happen to my mouth.

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