Ringling Brothers and Barnum and Bailey Circus will stop using elephant acts ‘under the big top’ in 2018. The 13 elephants that are performing now will be sent to the Center for Elephant Conservation in Florida.

PETA has been protesting the use of elephants in the circus for 35 years and the circus has decided to eliminate their fabled elephant act. Ringling’s parent company ‘Feld Entertainment’ founded the elephant reserve in Florida in 1995 so they could help save the endangered Asian elephants.

The decision to eliminate the elephant act is the biggest change in Ringling Bros. since it had been founded. The circus has been operating for 145 years and will continue to feature animals in its acts, horses, dogs, tigers and others will still perform.

The 13 elephants that currently perform will be faded out in 2018 and join the more than 40 elephants that are already retired at the Center in Florida.

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