Christmas has always been my favorite time of year.  I enjoy it more, now, as a parent...but as a kid, I got some of the BEST toys!  Some, I wish I could still buy and play with my kids.  

I was shocked to learn, just yesterday, that they no longer made 'Mall Madness'.  Best!

When I was much younger...I LOVED Rub-A-Dub-Doggie (soft lil can take a bath with you)

This toy was soooo futuristic!  It was a robot...arm...that you could control.

This was pure magic and glamorous.  By far, my most favorite Barbie

This game made me feel so cool...and I think I developed a crush or two.  Where are these boys now, I wonder.

I had a Speak & Spell and a Speak & Math.  Never had a Speak & Read and today, I still want to play with one.

My first computer didn't even take a floppy disk or cartridge.  It took a tape cassette.

And my favorite game to play on my Commodore 64...that I would give my right arm to play today...Aztec Challenge

This is one toy I still have and as a child, could play with it for hours.  Now my kids play with it.

My toys are way better than the crap my kids want now.



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