OK so you have a streaming movie platform, and to save a few bucks you give the user name and password to a roommate, maybe a friend, maybe your kids. You've done this for years so what's the problem?  Well, the Netflix and Hulus are looking to put an end to sharing accounts unless you are truly on a sharing plan.

Video software provider Synamedia revealed new technology at this years consumer electronics show that could help put an end to account sharing. Synamedia's AI-powered system is designed to hunt down, analyze, and suspend users that are logged in at different locations or these users will be offered a premium account that includes a pre-authorized level of password sharing that can be used between a larger number of people. The software company says its AI can determine if the user is using a streaming service in their regular home, or at their vacation home or if users are sharing their credentials with friends or adult children who no longer live at home.

Although there are no official plans as of yet to employ this technology on the major streaming services, there is no question that many are looking at the lost revenue from sharing accounts and counting the days until those dots are connected.