There aren't many times Randy and I get to hang out after work. Sure, we do remotes together and we've been to our fellow employees weddings, but we never get to hang out.

But we did Saturday night!

And it was fun!

The Snow Ball 2nd Chance Prom was held Saturday night at the Senator Inn in Augusta and featured a full Italian buffet. Randy is 100% Italian, I'm 50% so we loved it!

Everyone was dressed beautifully! The ladies in their gowns...the gentlemen in their suits and tuxedos...the decorations were exquisite!

The last time we danced together was at Amy Espeaignnette's wedding in 2006 at The Rangeley Inn. This weekend we got to boogie all night to the sounds of the School Street Band. It was a ton of fun!

The Ball was sold out early so NEXT year when we have our 2nd, make plans to attend! You won't want to miss it!

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