Mahala's Day Spa in Manchester offers so many different services from eyelashes and nails to facials and massages. I decided to try some Reflexology.

Reflexology is when the Licensed Massage Therapist finds the pressure points in the bottoms of your feet and uses them to stimulate the nerves throughout the entire body. I'm so glad I got to meet Claire Guy!

When you go to Mahala's you are warmly greeted and Claire showed me to the room. She needed me to be completely relaxed so I threw out my gum and was asked to remove my shoes and socks. I was tucked underneath the warm covers and soothing music was playing in the background.

She started at the top of my head and, she didn't know this at the time, I had a headache. Within the first few minutes my headache was GONE! I couldn't believe it!

Claire used warming stones and placed one at the back of my neck as I lie quietly and covered my eyes with a warm mask. She then went to my feet and started to work her magic.

I fell asleep.

Like, completely asleep. I woke up just before she was done. My entire body was relaxed and I felt completely amazing!

Claire says she helps many people including those with Fibromyalgia. Clients come twice a month, once a month or when needed to have their body and minds cleansed. Being relaxed gives the body time to heal, whether from a cold, an accident or pregnancy pains.

Make an appointment with Claire at 512-8255 at Mahala's Day Spa. You will feel amazing! And your body will thank you.