What a BEAUTIFUL day it was yesterday! A perfect one for the very first day of the 162nd Fryeburg Fair to open on yesterday.

And what a fair it is!

You can't see it all in one day. Heck, you can't see it all in a WEEK! I ran into my friends Ricky and Tracy Austin of Norridgewock and Patty and Randy Dicker of Albion. They are both spending the week there in their campers. How lucky are they? But for us, we only had the day so we made the most of it!







Photo by Sharon Buck

Chad and I had all three kids (Bradley, Jayden and Anderson) and we picked up his parents, Dana and Jackie Hood of North Turner and went on our very first family trip! It was only 1 1/2 hours away. We saw gorgeous trees changing colors on the way. We parked 8 minutes from the fair on a gentleman's lawn for $5. BARGAIN!

It was $10/person to get in. Children under 12 were free! We saved ourselves $30! The first thing we did was hit the root beer stand. Chad has had his mug since the first time he went to the fair and when you have this mug it is only $1 for a refill every time! You can bring the mug every year and it will always be $1! I bought a mug so we can continue the tradition.

Photo by Sharon Buck

The kids went on a few rides and ate hot dogs. They played games, too. One was the ring toss because Anderson really wanted to win the guitar so he could have one just like Brad. Chad and I had been looking forward to eating a giant turkey leg and we finally found them! I almost finished the entire thing!

We heard great music including an Irish band that sang 'The Scottsman'!! I was singing right along with them and the people around me thought I was nuts because I was singing the entire thing! The band thought I was their biggest fan!

Photo by Sharon Buck

We also caught Peter Allen from The Silver Spur in Mechanic Falls. He was performing with Linwood Cash at the Christmas Tree Park. What a voice Peter has! Glad to see he is doing well while recuperating from the surgery on his foot.

We saw our friends, Rick and Rita Turcotte from Leeds, with their family strolling the grounds, too! Rick plays rhythm guitar for Cold Blue Steel. He and Chad are best buds!

Photo by Sharon Buck

They had an exhibit of gypsy wagons that was out of this world! It's amazing how 4 people could live inside these wagons complete with wood stove!

The cows, chickens, turkeys, goats, rabbits, ducks and sheep were all on display to look at and pet and even kiss! Take a look at Chad and his latest admirer!

Photo by Sharon Buck

The kids wanted to take a rabbit home and we were THAT close! They were reasonably priced, too! The only things we wanted to see but missed were the snowmobiles and 4-wheelers! If you bring a pay stub it is the best time to buy because the deals are so cheap! Chad really wanted to but we have other things to pay for...like a wedding! Next year, if we're good, we can look at new toys!

We were there for HOURS and still never saw even a quarter of the fair! Remember that Diamond Rio will be playing there Tuesday night and Jana Kramer will be there Wednesday. Great fun and entertainment for the entire family! We will definitely be back!