While at the Fryeburg Fair, there were so many vendors there! They were selling everything from clothes, sunglasses, shoes, hats...you name it!

As I was waiting in line for Anderson to finish his ride on the helicopters, Chad took Bradley and Jayden to look at some vendors.

And came back with a surprise that the kids picked out all by themselves.

Their smiles were so big as they came to me. I asked "What's going on?" They said they saw this and thought it would be perfect for my birthday. And they opened their hands and inside was a beautiful G Clef necklace. Jayden piped up and said "This way you could wear it to your gigs and think of us!"

It brought tears to my eyes.

How luck and I to have 2 wonderful children that are going to be a permanent fixture in my life when Chad and I marry in June? VERY lucky.

Thank for my gift. I will wear it and always think of you.