Sometimes people feel like they need to mess with things...especially traditional things!  Sometimes feelings are hurt, family's are split, and even lawsuits are filed.

So it should come as no surprise that this time of year Santa Claus himself is the topic of much debate. According to a survey by Father Christmas should have some updates to be more modernized....updated hair style, a few tattoos, skinny jean, and a flying car to name a few suggestions.

The latest attempts at updating Santa include changing his gender as some feel Santa should be female, or even gender neutral.

Personally, I love tradition. I love the feel and comfort of familiarity. I certainly don't claim to speak for anyone but myself but, come'on people...leave Santa out of the agenda of things to change. In my opinion those energies would be much better focused on 'real' issues...homelessness, domestic violence prevention, cures for cancer, etc.

Have we gone too far trying to update tradition for the sake of political correctness?

What say you?


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