The answer is  Granted, this is solely my opinion.  There are many other useful ways your money could be used that would benefit more people, as a whole...instead of one individual...who is possibly raking in more money than you do on a daily basis.

We've seen a HUGE influx in panhandling in Maine...I've seen it from Portland right up to Augusta.  I've seen panhandlers with children...the kids holding signs.  I've seen panhandlers knock directly on windows of stopped cars begging for money.  I've seen them turn away food.  I've had one admit they make more money, than most do, on a daily basis.

Mom and child panhandling on West Side Rotary in Augusta
Mom and child panhandling on West Side Rotary in Augusta

You work hard for you money.  The first thing one questions when donating to panhandlers is 'will they spend it on alcohol or drugs?'.  This is an honest question to consider.  If you feel a strong NEED to donate to a panhandler, consider a small gift card.  However, there are other ways to see your money used:

  • Donate it do a food bank
  • Give it to an organization that helps homeless people

I guess, when it comes down to the nitty gritty...your money is your money and how you give it away is up to you.


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