I was lucky enough to be at the final dress rehearsal last night. Each time the Waterville Opera House puts on a performance you KNOW it's going to be something special.

And this one is no different!

The set is INCREDIBLE!!! And the show...PHENOMENAL!

I took Bradley with me to see it and to watch his face when the characters came out, it was so fun! Shrek, Fiona, fairy tale....things, farts and a HUGE dragon? It has EVERYTHING from the original 'Shrek' movie you can think of!

Dan Kennedy sounds EXACTLY like Shrek! The man playing Lord Farquaad is AMAZING! Of course, Kristen Thomas as the grown Fiona is delightful, too! And don't forget Donkey! And Pinocchio is HILARIOUS!

With it being directed by Debra Susi and the set created by Chad Lefebvre you are in for the best show EVER!

Each person on that stage is giving it their all as fairy tale creatures! The orchestra sounds beautiful! Take a look at what you'll be MISSING if you don't see it this weekend or next weekend! Get your tickets the Waterville Opera House website or by calling 873-7000.


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