While some people have reservations about the amount of money in President Biden's $1.9 trillion COVID-19 relief bill, many are extremely grateful they'll soon have their hands on another stimulus check.

The latest check, the third so far, will provide about 85% of the American population (90% of Mainers) with $1,400 checks.  Each human member of a household will get $1,400.  So, if you have a family of four (two adults, 2 kids) you'll get $5,600!

Some people have already gotten their checks.  When will you get yours?

We have been hearing about it, now it is LIVE. A tracking tool that gives you the option to see the status of your stimulus check from the IRS website.

Where you get there you will see:


Check on the status of your Economic Impact Payment

This application will give you information about:

  • Your payment status
  • Your payment type
  • Whether we need more information from you, including bank account information

Click here to track your stimulus payment.


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