While at the Walmart in Augusta at the Augusta Marketplace, the Maine Army National Guard is helping out our 'Tanks'giving Food Drive. Last year, PFC Julia Morrison did a pushup for every dollar that was donated. And, even though her shoulder is hurting, she has decided to try and break the record this year.

And her fellow soldiers decided to join in!

Photo by Sharon Buck

Morrison has been talking all week about doing the pushups the final full day of the food drive. She held the record of 350 last year. SGT. Whittaker, Specialist Sanborn and Warrant Officer Eastman have all participated in doing the pushups. Around 9am, a woman stopped on her way out to hand me not 1 but 10 $10 bills! That meant 100 pushups! It was incredible!

By the time I left at 10:15, they were at 404. THEY BROKE THEIR RECORD! They are still going, too!

The money AND the food is rolling in! Thank you to all who are donating to the 'Tanks'giving Food Drive! It's going so well!