I'm not a HUGE tanner but I DO like to get a base tan before the Summer comes and reeks havoc on my skin.The picture you see is of Chad and myself in Myrtle Beach on vacation last year. Because we got our base tans we were able to enjoy the hot sun and not burn. We enjoyed that vacation with Rick and Rita Turcotte immensely! Can't wait to go back there again!

Do YOU get a base tan before the hot sun hits?

There are so many different lotions and sprays out there.

I use the JWOWW. Just a few visits to the tanning booth gives me a glow and I don't have to worry so much about burning while I'm working in the garden. I still put on protection but it's nice to have that glow of Summer.

What kind of lotion do YOU use? Do you use the tingling lotion? Does it feel funny? What brand makes the best tan? Which makes you really dark?

What kind of lotion do YOU use? Let us know! Remember, NEVER overtan! It can be harmful and who really wants skin Cancer? Be careful and enjoy the beautiful weather we have been having!