Most of 2020 so far has taken place in what I call corona-quarantine. Holidays, Birthdays, Anniversaries, you name it we have had to shift, modify, and adapt if we still wanted to celebrate. The first holiday that came during quarantine was St.Patricks Day, more of a fun holiday then a hard-hitting one, but then came Easter. Easter was a hard one for us, no church, no big family meal, no Easter nap, oh I still took a nap it just didn't feel like my traditional Easter nap and there was still a meal it just didn't look like it always has.

Over the past few weeks our world has opened back up little by little, I didn't have a whole lot of hope for the holidays to come. What would the fourth of July look like? As most events and celebrations continue to cancel around us, it seemed as if the fourth of July 2020 would be the year that wasn't. Is the fourth of July really even the fourth of July if there are no fireworks?


I am thankful to say that I was wrong. Little did I know there would be businesses that still wanted to make sure that even if at a smaller crowd level firework displays were an option. The owners of Crystal Falls in Chelsea knew exactly what the public needed and that was a little bit of normalcy.


Owners Lynel and Raymond bought up a ton of fireworks and put on an almost hour-long display with a short intermission. All honestly it was probably one of the best fireworks displays I have had the pleasure to witness, so a BIG thank you to them for bringing smiles to the faces of our local community.


We laughed, we made funny faces, we ate all the snacks and even got to enjoy fresh-squeezed lemonade (made by my very own daughter) and most of all we just spent much needed time with family.

Oh and how could I forget the caramel apples.


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