Thanks to our friends at Stacker, we have a list of the fastest growing towns and cities in Maine.

The 20 Fastest Growing Cities In Maine

According to Stacker, these are the fastest growing cities and towns in the State of Maine.

It probably was not much of a surprise to see that many of the cities and towns in the top 10 were those around the Portland / South Portland area.  As the city has been gentrified over the last few decades, Portland has really become the place to be in New England.  Outside Boston, of course.  Between Portland & South Portland, there is nearly any type of shop imaginable, any type of restaurant you could ever want, dozens of great bars, live music venues, professional sports teams, and more.   As a result, the price of real estate has gone through the roof.  This has driven many people out of the city.  They may still work a job in Portland, but they live in the residential or rural towns that surround Portland.

That being said, both Portland and South Portland made it on the list of fastest growing towns and cities.  For some, being close to EVERYTHING is worth the crazy rental rates and home values.

Even before the craziness of the last few years, people have always been moving around.  For a variety of reasons, from the economy to the environment, towns and cities are always growing and shrinking.

Need proof?  Look at the former gold and silver boom towns of the old west that are now completely abandoned.  Now, the only thing they're good for is as the setting for episodes of 70s sitcoms and 80s cartoons.

What are your thoughts on the list?

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