Just like after 9/11 the world changed and things never quite returned to the way life was before, many speculate that a similar fate is in store for us as it relates to this pandemic. Desires may not change, but certainly the way we do some things may forever be changed, some good ways, some not so good.

Many fast food restaurants are debating how they fit in with this change, how can they serve people better, and more effectively but also keep in mind the heath concerns of all involved. Burger King is already ahead of the curve on pondering what the BKs of the future will look like.

They have revealed on their corporate YouTube channel new looks that will deliver cool new options for how BK food can be ordered and delivered, to meet the changing demands of their guests.

From the looks of the prototype you can see dedicated mobile order and curbside pickup areas, improved drive-in, and walk-up order sections, and a very modern drive-thru experience. One of the other impressive features is it cuts Burger King’s physical footprint by about 60% from their current buildings and sites.

One of the things I liked was the Mobile and delivery orders would be available for pickup at coded food lockers that are on exterior of the restaurant. So the food goes from kitchen to pickup lockers in a much more streamlined process. And speaking of the kitchens, in this prototype they are suspended above the Drive-thru and people  get their orders delivered via a conveyor belt system.

It will be interesting to see how it develops in real life. They say they want to get to as close to a touch less experience as possible.

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