Where are all the other lovers of all things Christmas and Christmas Lights? Are you the person that loves hopping in the cat with a hot cup of goodness to check out the amazing sights of Christmas Light?

Oh, that's you? Then you, my friend, are going to LOVE this amazing event that I'm about to tell you about!

The La Salette Shrine in Attleboro Massachusetts is the one place that all Christmas lovers NEED to visit. I promise you, it's worth the drive!

Each year the National Shrine Of Our Lady La Salette Roman Catholic Community and Church picks a new theme and decorates both insides of the church and the grounds surrounding the church with Christmas lights, scenes of Mary and Joseph in the manger, and they even have prayer steps decorated for those who choose to pray on each step to the top.

According to a Facebook post made by National Shrine La Salette, the theme for the 2021 Shrine of La Salette will be LOVE IS BORN. The event gets kicked off on November 25th and will run every night from 5 - 9 pm thru January 2nd of 2022.

You'll find some of the amazing and must-see sights below...

The National Shrine La Salette In Attleboro Is Worth The Trip

These photos are from a video made by FindFreeHikes, you can find them on Youtube!

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Together as a community here in Central Maine came together and raised 41,000 pounds of food! After doing a little math, Keith told us that's a retail value of $112,000.00 in food donations! That's $112,000.00, not including our total cash donations of $10,000!

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