There are some really well-known ski resorts in the mountains of western Maine, like Sunday River and Sugarloaf, just to name two.

There used to be many more.  If you dive into Maine's ski history, you'll find that nearly every decent sized town had at least one nearby ski area.  Sure, most weren't that big, but they were big enough to provide an afternoon of family friendly entertainment.  Nearly all of those are now gone; the victims of changing times.

A long-abandoned ski resort sits tucked away in the western Maine town of Stoneham.

According to the New England Ski History website, the developers of the Evergreen Valley Ski Resort bit of way more than they can chew.  Their ultimate goal was to build a four season resort community.  Due to lack of business, they never really made it past their first phase.

They had counted on the ski resort's popularity to help finance the project.  However, the smallness of the mountain (it only had a 1,050 foot vertical drop) caused advanced skiers to pass it up for more challenging mountains.

It opened in 1972 and was closed by 1982.  There was an attempt to re-open it in 1983, but that quickly failed.  Several years ago, the man who created the Redneck Olympics had intentions to re-open the resort.  There is no word on the status of the plan, but you can read what he had in mind HERE  You can also read more about the resort's history HERE.

Videos and pictures of the resort make it appear to have been lost in time.

NOTE ****We do not condone trespassing or breaking & entering!  It is illegal and can be dangerous***

A Look At An Abandoned Maine Ski Area

Located in the Western Maine town of Stoneham, this ski area opened in 1972 and, sadly, did not have much longevity. It closed for good in 1982. The following photo gallery is made up of screen captures of videos done by Shaggy VanDwellington and Lindsey and Nora

Here are some videos of the resort:

The Abandoned Central Maine Sanatorium

In operation from about 1914 until 1970, the sickest TB patients in Maine were sent to this sanatorium in Central Maine. After the final TB patients left, it was used as a hospital for alcoholics and as a nursing home. Its final chapter ended in 2001. Check out a video of the exploration of the building HERE

Take A Look Inside An Abandoned Seaside Maine Inn

For over a century, an imposing manor stood overlooking Frenchman's Bay in Sullivan. For many years, it was used as an inn. Abandoned for 25 years, it was torn down in November of 2020. However, we can still see what the place was like just before it was demolished. These images come from Youtube videos posted by Tony's Travels and Adventuring With Trevor.

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