Do you ever sit and wonder why the older we get, the more time seems to fly by?

Yesterday, April 5th 2020, I hit a marker in my timeline called life that really made me want to hit the pause button.

My sweet, and maybe a little bit sassy (which she totally gets from me), niece Melissa turned 18!  Like, woahhh am I really old enough for this? Am I old enough to have a niece that's an adult?

It seems like just yesterday I was babysitting her while her parents enjoyed a night out, or even joining them on fun little trips to Old Orchard Beach and Funtown.

Melissa, aka my BFG *big friendly giant*, has been taller than me most of her life. Hence BFG. LOL. She's been my sidekick thru a lot of things in life, but running our family's Lemonade stand during the Summers will always be the memories I'm most fond of.



I'm sad for her, just the thought of her missing out on celebrating such a milestone. It's not only her 18th birthday plans that changed, its her Senior year of high school and its her last year as Class President..

It's not just her that my heart goes out to, its to all the seniors that are missing out on "their time".

Sadness aside, I am just so darn proud of who she has grown up to be! Smart, whitty, committed, inspiring and a true genuine soul!

Happy 18th Birthday Melissa! Welcome to the hood.. ADULTHOOD!!


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