Imagine this, you're a struggling singer/songwriter, and after a freak accident, you wake up as the only person on the planet who remembers the Beatles. Yes, those Beatles, the most influential band in the history of music. All their songs, their life stories, everything. In the new movie, Himesh Patel stars as that songwriter, and of course, seeking fame and fortune ends up taking credit for every single song the Beatles created becoming one of the biggest names in music overnight.

Brilliant, truly brilliant, possibly one of the most original ideas for a movie in recent memory. But in the trailer, it goes from an interesting concept into a generic love story and that breaks my heart. I really hope i'm wrong about this, but in the trailer he has this female friend who has supported him throughout his career, and the trailer shows her having a tear filled revelation that she's been in love with him and I felt like it ruined it. It went from a very interesting concept to a generic love story.

Now I hope i'm wrong, I truly hope this movie is amazing, the cast is brilliant, Kate McKinnon of SNL fame, Ed Sheeran, and Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr are all in the movie and of course, the soundtrack is going to be AMAZING.

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