Oh, we've got drama in this week's missed connections.  Sounds like a married man is creepin.  That's bad news bears.  Enjoy the drama!

Tina at the Rise Above Fest in Bangor
Tina....those eyes 😍. A week later and i cant get them off my mind. Thanks for stopping and talking to me. If you see this hit me up.

Gorgeous Red Head at Bangor State Fair
You are gorgeous red head .. With a beautiful 10 year old.. We walked.. We laughed.. We shared stories.. I'd love to have coffee with you.. You made the fair so much more fun.. I hope you find this.. I searched Facebook but couldn't find you.. ..

Pretty Woman in Chip Aisle at Walmart in Auburn
Hi ! You caught me off guard when you strolled past me on Friday around 5 pm. Have been thinking about you and hoping by chance you see this. Please respond and tell me what you said to me so i know that it's you!

Doglegs in Livermore (well, that's a hot come-on)
I sat next to your table. You had a nice fitting jeans with a nice black top. I saw you there once before with your same friends. We made eye contact both times we were there. What was I wearing for a shirt did I have a hat on?

^^^BUT WAIT...THERE'S A RESPONSE TO DOGLEGS!!^^^ (I love drama...can ya tell?)
Arent you married dude? This is Maine, man. I mean you go out once every couple of weeks and cannot help but eye-fuck some XY chromosome. Then u get on here and see if she noticed your creeping.
All these women above Portland are usually just sad, lonely housewives anyway ... women that some red neck is tired of being balls deep in; women that are taken and are too busy popping out mewling, ugly little watermelons with French-Canadian or Italian surnames and worrying about whether the mill is gonna shut down and Herr Trump will start WWIII. Myself included.
Just get a hobbie dude. u will be happier and save yourself a shit-ton of headache, lemme tell u.

Screamin Sexy Cigarette Smoker in Farmington
I've seen you before, you scream sexy. All I can wonder is how great you are in bed. Your damn hot. Crossed right in front of my car today when crossing the street.

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