Mike Poulin always loved reading these.  So, this week, I'm going to try and make it extra juicy and spicy in honor of Pooh-Daddy.  This week we have a beach beauty with sunglasses (that narrows it down)...to a long grayish hair tattoo on arm (what the?) and pretty Dave. I hope I did Mike proud.  

Beautiful brunette at TJs
you are a godes so beautifull and sweet just cant get enough of your smiles and sweetness

Popham Beach Beauty in Sunglasses (This could be ANYBODY at the beach...sunglasses...REALLY??  Couldn't be more specific?)
I saw you at Popham this past weekend. It was on Saturday. You were there with a little girl who I assumed at first was your sister but it became clear it was your daughter. You looked amazing. I think you kept looking towards me but it was hard to tell. We both had sunglasses on. I should have approached you but you were gone when I finally was about to.
I doubt you'll see this but if you do and you know who I am, write back to me.

Snake lady in Lewiston
Think your name was April? Had a pet snake on your arm. You seem very nice, it was nice talking with you! Just wanted to say thanks.

I always call u babe in Kennebec County...Excellent grammar.  Seems willing to work things out.  Take him back.
I miss u your smile your smell your open heart to love . I these past few days without you have ben hell. All i can do us beg for you to reconsider us. Setting here broken hearted in this emtyness. Still love u more then anything want our family back together.I know when we argue it gets extreem but we can come back from this.I LOVE U ALWAYS

Skowhegan Smoke Shop Diva With Long Grayish Hair Tattoo On Arm (Punctuation is EVERYTHING...Unless gray hair tattoos are the new 'thing')
Hi your so hot. You have long grayish hair tattoo on your bicep very friendly when I went to the store would like to talk with you.I'm 420 friendly

Pretty Dave from OKNympho....(insert birds chirping)
Hi, my name is Jessica. We met online, Your name was Vinny and you were from the Detroit area. We talked for a good few days before you deleted your account and I was unable to get your contact information. I think that you were very pretty and very interesting to talk to. If you remember me, reply to this message via email. I would like to continue our friendship.

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