There has been a huge spike in the theft of Tide laundry detergent over the past year. Authorities are reporting a spike in thefts of Tide. Police believe thieves are using the detergent on the black market, which retails for ten to twenty dollars, to buy drugs. Tide is often referred to as 'liquid gold' and can be sold for between five and ten dollars per bottle.

A man, in St. Paul, Minnesota, is alleged to have stolen $25,000 worth of Tide over a 15 month period before authorities captured him.

You might be asking, "Why is Tide the only detergent being targeted for theft?" Authorities state several reasons. Tide is instantly recognizable. It's one of the more expensive brands of laundry detergent and it does not have serial numbers, so it cannot be tracked.

You may have noticed that some stores, like CVS, have increased security measures to prevent the theft of Tide. Some locations have kept Tide in a locked container with an employee required to retrieve it for customers.