I LOVE Girl Scout Cookies!!  I support the cause.  I support the girls trying to reach their goals.  I don't, however, support moms, dads, grandparents or anyone, other than the girl scout, who sells the cookies for them.  Now, wait...before you roll your eyes...here's why I feel this way.

I was a girl scout.  I was also top cookie seller, not only for my troop but for all troops in Germany.  My parents refused to sell any of my cookies.  Although they refused to sell my cookies, they did support me and helped me make the sales I needed.  So, I put on my uniform and my mom took me to her workplace and I asked everyone there if they wanted to buy girl scout cookies.  (NOTE: we didn't have the order form back then...I had to lug boxes of cookies on a luggage dolly).  She then brought me to my dad's workplace where I did the same thing.  Back then, it was acceptable to go door to door and my mom walked me door to door and supervised me as I pitched my sale.  Never did she do anything other than just be there.

I made a goal.  I achieved my goal.  Today, at 37-years old, I am still very proud of that accomplishment.  It's life experiences like this, that help you become a productive adult.  So, it always makes me wonder why parents, today, want to rob their children from such success.  Because that is what's happening when you bring the order form to work and put it in the lunch room.  Every time you post it on facebook.  You are taking away from the girl scout what she's supposed to learn from this project.

Some moms will argue that 'times are different'...and this would be true.  But, there are still ways to help your daughter make her sales.

  • Bring her to your workplace and let her ask your co-workers.
  • Bring her to the relatives.  Pick a Saturday (or any day of the week) and drive to everyone.  If they live too far away, let the scout call them on the phone...kids today need more phone experience.
  • Leave Facebook out of the equation

So, while door to door sales are no longer an option, there are still other ways for your daughter to meet her goal.

Moms will also argue that this is to raise money for summer camp.  And I will argue that if the scout wants to go to summer camp badly enough, she will work for it...and the reward will be even greater.  At the end of the day, there is zero excuse to sell the cookies for your child.  Anyone you solicit for sales, your child can equally reach out to.

It's Girl Scout cookies...not Mom of Girl Scout cookies.  So, I ask those of you who do purchase these savory snacks...support the girl who is asking and not the parent.

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