OMG! OMG! OMG! OMG!  I held a snake!  I held a snake!  I held a snake!  And it wasn't that bad.  Mr. Drew, along with Stevie, Gizmo & Coby, came to pay us a visit during the Morning Buzz on B98.5.  You can see them, on Sunday (March 4th), at Kidabaloo!

My first impression, I was frightened.  But, by the end of our visit, I was actually holding, Stevie, the Boa Constrictor.  Oh...Emm...Gee!!  She is super sweet.  Yes, Stevie is a she.  Curious, playful with quite a personality.  All of Mr. Drew's animals are very friendly and love being held.  Gizmo, the tegu lizard, and I cuddled for quite awhile.

Kidabaloo 4
kidabaloo 2
Kidabaloo 3

Make sure you get your tickets for the show this weekend!  There will be:

  • Mr Drew & his animals too
  • G-Force Adventures Lazer Tag
  • Planetarium
  • Kid Zone
  • Robotics Institute of Maine
  • Forces and Motion Mad Science
  • Crushstation the Monster Truck
  • Climbing Wall, Obstacle Courses and more...

This event is sponsored by: G-Force Adventures & Alfond Youth Center  LIVE Stage Acts sponsored by: The Study Hall

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