Winter got you down? Have you got a bad case of cabin fever? We might just have the cure for you.

Each year, February 22 marks the special day dedicated to all-things margaritas. Whether you prefer your margarita with salt, frozen or on the rocks, this day is for you.

When making Margarita's for myself and my friends, I like to use 4 parts of a good tequilla, (I like Patron or any gold tequilla) 1 part Grand Marnier (though a cheaper alternative is Triple sec) and I use a mixture of frozen lime aid and lemonade concentrate.

And don't forget the salt around the rim, if you so desire.

Of course, it might be more fun if National Margarita day fell on a weekend night, but it is a Wednesday this year, so make the most of it and plan accordingly if you are going out. NO DRIVING!

Here's a video explaining the history (supposedly) of the drink and showing you how to make a classic margarita.


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