One company is seeing to it that children in countries without resources don't have to live without being able to play. According to their website their founder saw kids in Darfur playing with a makeshift soccer ball and he realized there was a need for a soccer ball that kids in those countries would not have to worry about popping or being destroyed. Tim’s dream of an ultra-durable ball remained in the concept stage until he brought it up in a conversation with his friend, world-renowned entertainer (and ardent football fan), Sting. Sting then offered the money to help with the research and development for the ball. In response to his generosity, Tim named the company after Sting's song One World (not Three).

From there the company has created a B company dedicated to helping the youth in these countries through Futbol, and in 10 years since the initial idea, they have affected nearly 60 million children. All that started with just one idea.

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