On Monday morning, Skyline Aviation Group in New South Wales was approached by Tony Lethbridge to help find his son who the family had not heard from in 24 hours. He told them I have 1,000 dollars please help me find my son. Using a helicopter they managed to locate his missing 17 year old son who had crashed along the highway. He had to be cut from the car where he was trapped for over 30 hours. He was taken to the hospital with serious non life threatening injuries and it has been reported that his health is slowly improving.

2 days later, Lethbridge’s daughter megan made a facebook post thanking the aviation company for their part in rescuing her brother. And in that post she made it known the company actually refunded the father the 1,000 dollars he paid them to find his son. A spokesperson for the company has said the reasoning behind it, was the family had enough financial stress to deal with in the future with the medical bills, and they wanted to contribute anywhere they can.

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