Yesterday was my birthday and I thought I would treat myself to a few hours at the BMV.  Isn't that everyone's dream? If you notice in the picture they forgot the banners and noise makers. The kid had her driver's test. She's had her learner's permit for a year. I'll end your suspense...she did not pass. I knew this because after sitting inside the building watching this sector of humanity for over an hour I got a text saying "come out"

This is the fourth child I have gone through this process with.  I suggested a refresher course with the driving school as my older two had done.  She declined. We drove for two hours prior to the exam.

Upon opening the passenger side door I was greeted with a frosty "Thanks a lot!" and the conversation went downhill from there.

Below are the top ten reasons it's my fault she failed.

10. I made her nervous.

9. I chose the wrong drivers education school. They didn't teach her anything.

8. I should have had my test on your birthday. Its bad luck.

7. The car doesn't have good steering.

6. I didn't take her parallel parking.

5. Her father didn't take her driving. Why didn't I say something to him?

4. I shouldn't have been taking damn pictures before the test.

3. Why didn't I take her parallel parking? She asked me.

2. You make me so nervous I cant think.

1. Taking damn pictures instead of taking me parallel parking. Thanks!


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