According to a press release by the U.S.D.A., Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue announced the U.S. Department of Agriculture will extend several allowances that will run thru December 31, 2020. These allowances will allow summer meal program operators to continue serving free meals to all children well into the fall months.

According to Secretary Perdue:

"As our nation reopens and people return to work, it remains critical our children continue to receive safe, healthy, and nutritious food. During the COVID-19 pandemic, Therefore, the USDA has provided an unprecedented amount of flexibilities to help schools feed kids through the school meal programs, and today, we are also extending summer meal program flexibilities for as long as we can, legally and financially"

This move makes it possible for all children, no matter what the situation otherwise will now continue to have access to food as the country recovers from the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • FREE SCHOOL MEALS for ALL KIDS until 12/31/20
  • Breakfast & Lunch will be available to ALL KIDS 18 & under at NO COST
  • FREE meals will be availible to all in-school hybrid students & available a " Meals to go" for Hybrid & Full REMOTE students
  • Hybrid in-school students may eat free meals when in school & request free "Meals to go" to bring home for the days they will be remote.
  • Full remote students, and anyone 18 & under, will have Free "meals to go" available for CURBSIDE PICK-UP on Mondays & Wednesdays from 9:00-9:30 am at their school.

CLICK HERE to view the complete press release by the USDA.

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