If you head to the post office today you might notice that a first-class stamp will now cost you 55 cents, that's up a nickle from the price increase that took place 1/27/19. The 5 cent increase is the largest percentage hike since 1991, when postage increased from 25 to 29 cents.

Take no solace in "Forever stamps" either, they are also priced at 55 cents each now. Click HERE to see the 2019 Forever stamp line-up.

Priority mail prices have also increased in price 5.9% making a small priority mail box that used to cost $7.20 has now increased to $7.90.

USPS has reported sales from shipping and packages soared 10 percent last year but there was an overall decline in revenue for the 12th year in a row due to rising pay, higher transportation costs, and other issues. Some say, including the Postmaster General that the business model is flawed and will continue to lose money and cause financial instability within the agency.

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