I went to the post office in Clinton yesterday to get the stamps for sending my Christmas cards. I loved the different options they have every year for the Christmas stamps. This year they had poinsettias and gingerbread houses. But what caught my eye was on the counter next to the boxes.

I asked the woman behind the desk "What's with the Spongebob Squarepants postcards?" She said that it is the post office's way to get kids to write.

You see, the postcards already have to postage attached and they are FREE! They want kids to get interested in writing letters or postcards. Children nowadays have never written a letter...unless it's to Santa Claus. If they only knew their relatives would love to get a letter from them saying hello!

When I was little, I wrote letters to my Aunt Dot and Uncle Howie all the time. And, just recently, my friend Dawn who lives in Arizona, and I have been writing back and forth.

Stop by your local post office and pick up these really cute OVERSIZED Spongebob Squarepants postcards and have the kids write to some of their relatives. When they get a letter in the mail back, or even a postcard, they will be so excited they got mail!