To say this year has been a crazy year, is nothing short of an understatement if there ever was one. The "High School Class of 2020", regardless of where from,  has had a special kind of year as well. A year of fragmented sports, if at all. A year of devoid of senior year expectations, like prom, fun activities, projects, and even a graduation ceremony itself.

We try to do a little something for high school seniors with our "High School Senior Salute" weekdays at 7:50 in the morning. Many people in the community have also stepped up to try and ease the pain of this crazy year for the senior class as well. RSU 57, which is down in Waterboro, Maine, where Massabesic High School calls home, had signs made up for their entire graduating class, 200 of them, each with a special congratulations with their name on it.  They had set all theses signs up side by side along the bus path to honor each student so that the community could drive by and see them.

A nice touch, in a time of uncertainty. That is until someone overnight removed each and every one of them in an act of vandalism.

The York County Sheriffs office has put out this plead to the community "We need your help! Last night two people removed 200 signs recognizing the 200 students who will graduate from Massabesic High School in a few weeks. This is a difficult time for everybody and this one gesture of having their names on signs recognizing this milestone in their lives should not be diminished. If this was a senior prank we understand we will work with you to replace the signs. The most important thing is to get those signs back on the lawn. If you have any information about this please contact the sheriffs office at 324-1113."

I don't know about you, but such petty acts really tick me off. It's that little bit of extra aggravation that none of us want, or need in our lives right now. To the idiot(s) that stole the signs...Put Them Back! If you really need something to do with your extra energy, come see me, I have several shovels and a swimming pool hole that needs to be dug.

As Thomas Rhett says in his latest song..."Be a Light", not a punk. I added that second part. What are your thoughts on the matter?

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